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Check out the latest books by Eric Williams.

SP2 Final Cover.jpg
Secret Patrol:  Rivals


(This is the second book in the Secret Patrol series) 

The adventurous group of fifth grade friends are back!. An old mystery that once haunted the school has resurfaced and threatens the reputation of the entire town. Bryan, Taylor and their friends are put to the test, looking for a lost priceless artifact that’s surrounded by traps and even…monsters. With the Cruel Club still lurking, a new enemy hatches an evil plot that ensnares the Secret Patrol in a web of deceit and betrayal. Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Junior Fiction/Mysteries (Ages 9-12)

SP new cover.jpg
Secret Patrol

Welcome to the Secret Patrol, a group of adventurous fifth graders that specializes in solving mysteries, defeating bullies and saving the day. Bryan, Taylor and the rest of the team discover a tattered map and an old set of clues that promises long forgotten treasures hidden in the school. Together they decipher the clues while also investigating strange events surrounding their gym teacher, Mr. Pitts. Standing in their way is the Cruel Club, a tough gang of kids who are always making trouble. With time running out, the Secret Patrol must hunt for answers before the ultimate showdown with their rivals.

Junior Fiction/Mysteries (Ages 9-12)

Shark Knights

Being a member of the Shark Knights, the world’s elite superhero team, can be tough. It means facing off against shadow zombies, fire tornados and an ancient nightmare that enjoys eating people. The team is led by Sky Hunter, who smashes his opponents with his sonic flight powers. Pierce, whose energy beams can punch through a tank, is always ready for a scrap. And Shy, a shape shifter, is the rookie on the team. She’s just trying to survive long enough to learn everyone’s name.


While the Knights slug it out with the worst villains around, a sinister organization secretly plots to destroy them. 


Young Adult/Superheroes (Ages 12+)

Shark Knights:  Dead End


       ​(This is the second book in the Shark Knights series) 

A warrior race from another universe has sent their best soldier to Earth. His mission; destroy all opposition and enslave the world. Making matters worse, the alien has recruited the toughest villains on the planet to help him. 

Only the Shark Knights stand in their way. The team of adventurous super heroes has always prevailed over evil in the past. But they've never encountered a force so ruthless, or lethal. During the struggle, friendships are shattered, an underground predator rises up and a mysterious tournament invites anyone who dares to test their fate. Will the Knights be able to save the world, or have they reached a dead end? 


sk3 final back cover.jpg
Shark Knights: Monster Shadow

      (This is the third book in the Shark Knights series) 

The latest Shark Knights adventure sees the return of their toughest foe, the Monster Shadow! The evil creature has deadly revenge on its mind, and the combined power of the Knights might not be enough to survive...

Young Adult/Superheroes (Ages 12+)

Trash Bash


A regular trash can was accidentally brought to life in a laboratory experiment by a deranged scientist. He named himself Dr. Trash (Trash for short), but was forced to flee after the scientist tried to dissect him in order to recreate the process. Now Trash spends his days trying to become RICH.


Even as a kid, Wall Basher (Bash for short) knew he was destined to become the wrestling champion of the world. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that pro wrestling was actually fake. The league kicked him out for wrestling instead of acting. His next plan is to figure out how to become FAMOUS.


Together, the two outcasts formed the ultimate team. They realized the best way to become rich and famous was to be AWESOME. So now they wander the globe in search of the perfect way to accomplish their dreams, while dodging their growing list of enemies. If you ever see them, the gentle giant wrestler will wave hello, while the little garbage can will probably kick you in the crotch.

     Dr. Trash + Wall Basher = Trash Bash!

Humor/Action (Ages 12+)

Victory Lap Cover V2.jpg
Trash Bash: Victory Lap


(This is the second book in the Trash Bash series) 

Trash and Bash are back for seconds in this super dumb series! This time the two weird friends join a wacky kart racing competition. In their epic quest to be rich, famous and awesome they'll race through deadly deserts, crazy caves, and other dangerous locations. Along the way, they'll make a new list of enemies, including dinosaurs, vampires, robots, old people, bigfoot, and... a pineapple.

This book should only be read by people that like random adventures, cartoon violence, stupid pranks and fart jokes.


Humor/Action (Ages 12+)

MKP banner final.jpg
Mortal Kombat Playground
(An Unofficial Mortal Kombat Book)

No fatalities, but plenty of wedgies! Outworld and Earth Realm Elementary schools have merged. Principal Shao Kahn and Principal Raiden can't decide who should be in charge of the school. So obviously, a tournament is held. Fighting on the playground is a rite of passage, so it's no surprise that 5th grade students Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Sonya Blade, Scorpion and others are ready for action! You've probably grown up with Mortal Kombat. Over the years there have been many games and even a few movies. The characters are iconic, exciting and deadly. But what were they like as kids? Find out which kids were cool (Johnny Cage), which ones were good at dodgeball (Goro) and who probably ate their own boogers (Baraka). Along the way, you'll experience classic moves, famous lines and more than a few nods to the original live-action movie.

Junior Fiction (Ages 10+)

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