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Writing books is a lot of fun, but I also love performing. Lately I've been visiting schools and childcare programs to tell them true stories from my childhood. My favorite stories to tell are ones that are hilarious, suspenseful or both! Click on my performances tab for more details. 

Down below are a variety of free pictures and short stories for Secret Patrol, Shark Knights and Trash Bash.

Shark Knights review by the Daily Press

"Shark Knights packs a punch of adventure for YA fans."

Shark Knights Battle Mural!


Check out this SK battle mural. The majority of all the heroes and villians from the series are in one giant brawl. Based on a scene from "Dead End".

Battle Mural

The artwork for Shark Knights was all done by Dexter Morrill. He is amazing! 


Free Shark Knights Prequel Chapter


Not included in the book, find out how Shy joins the team. 

Job Interview




Shark Knights pictures

Check out the back cover art on both books. Illustrated by Dexter Morrill.


Robot smackdown!


Jungle rumble!



Coming this Spring...

Either Secret Patrol 2 or the next Trash Bash book.


Secret Patrol bonus chapter

An ordinary day gets turned around by a camouflaged shirt...

Secret Patrol Camouflage 


Trash Bash pictures

Check out the cover art for Trash Bash. Illustrated by the amazing Dexter Morrill.

Front Cover


Back Cover

Shark Knights short story

This story takes place four months after the events of Shark Knights: Dead End.

Superhero 5k